New Year Post

The new year normally makes me so hopeful and excited for the chance to begin again.  This year, I’m feeling more unsettled than hopeful, more disheartened than excited….

Until I realize that change is constant— that the current events are catalysts for courage, for us to rise up together and be named.  And within all of this blurriness, I become clear and focused, and my hope emerges from somewhere deep and quiet.

So it is within this spirit that I post!  Here are some mermaids.  They were exhibited at a gallery in September 2016. I’m proud of them- they were the first paintings I’ve presented since having children, leaving the city, and through lots of other big deal personal stuff.

My process of making art has changed so much, and I stumble to find a path at times. The ways in which I create have extremely changed. Rather than on a self-directed schedule— able to paint and create work on my time and not involving anyone else in the process— I presently only create anything if there is a consistent coordination and dedication of space and time, and all of it directly relates to others around me.

It’s been my wish to make art that affects the world, and to create work that’s relevant. Somehow, by transforming from a very independent city life, to a marriage with children and relocation to a more secluded surrounding, that creating anything feels like I’m on my way to accomplishment! 

There was one point where the only time I had to myself was when the whole household slept. Even now as I write, I am sitting on a bean bag in my son’s bedroom as he sleeps.  He’s sick with a stomach bug, and he intermittently wakes up and vomits some sort of colorful liquid (I’ve changed 3 times). But I am happy to rub his back, cuddle him until he falls back asleep, as he is relieved of his stomach pains. By nature, I will probably show signs of same when the new week rolls in— just in time to be accountable to others for meetings, projects, mommy-ness, etc.  Somehow, though, I have so much gratitude for the time alone to write and think… and post!

This is my blog: whenchildrenaresleeping. It’s the gentle and precious quiet that is the time for clarity—to embrace change, cultivate hope and excitement, and to be named.